Best Questions to Ask on Twitter


Asking questions of your followers is one of the best ways to engage them, and the question mark is something of the unofficial Twitter tool. Here are a few types of questions that work well on Twitter.

  • The Feelings Question:

The feelings question is a question about, you guessed it, your feelings. Why do you support Palin? Do “good” moms use formula? Is is OK to have help? Get someone to think for a moment and express everything that is genuine to them. They’re sure to remember you for it;)

  • The Numbers Question:

It’s the guessing game on steroids. How many tons does a car weigh? What year did Hawaii become a US state? How many eggs are in a dozen? (Okay, maybe not that one.) People love showing their (trivia and sometimes trivial) knowledge. Give them a platform to do so. They just might learn something along the way.

  • The Opinion Question:

Is the death penalty wrong? Why is MSG still allowed in some countries? Is poverty tourism ever useful? Controversial questions that push a follower to think, and defend, their positions is a great way to get people to respond to you. Furthermore, getting a follower animated increase the likelihood they will want to spread your message (and their opinion).

  • The Yes/No Question:

The Yes/No question may be passe offline, but on Twitter it is an extremely effective way of getting immediate (if boring) responses. When all a follower has to do is respond with two or three letters (or even one, as “Y” or “N” also works!), you’re likely to engage. How engaged a follower is with such a quick question, though, is a different matter.

Today, try asking a question of your followers, and watch what happens next.

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